Net Neutrality

I say this to both sides:

1) The ISPs are total assholes. They buy political influence and use it to keep out competitors. You must pay them, even if you don't like their policies, or pay for even more expensive internet options, which is a real big inconvenience. I definitely agree that it's not ideal that these ISPs - these federal-, state-, and locally-empowered artificial monopolies - aren't exactly the ideal gatekeepers of the internet, so there's that. I have every expectation that someone will want to make money by peacefully side-stepping the bottleneck of the ISPs.

2) The US Federal Government are even bigger assholes. These guys are the source of the political power the traditional ISPs wield. You must pay them or you will be forcibly seized and put into a cage. They spend your money on mass murder abroad and intruding into our private affairs domestically.  I sure as hell wouldn't want the Feds to be in charge of the internet. The less, the better. They won't be able to put a lid on unfettered communication, but they can certainly impede it and make it more costly to achieve.

3) It utimately doesn't matter, because communication will flow freely, no matter which assholes are in the way.


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