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How to address the issue of Nazis and Communists having ever more heated exchanges with each other: Counter-protest.

Normally, I'm not much in favor of protesting or counter-protesting. I don't think it should be banned or anything, but I think most of the time it's counter-productive and for most participants simply an opportunity to signal to all their great and indomitable virtue.  Plus things can get out of control as we saw with the recent Nazi/Antifa brough-ha-ha.

What I propose is a sort of un-protest. Picture this: 500 Nazis and 100 Antifa are set to clash in some public area. As tensions rise and knuckles turn white, thousands of people appear in the area. None of them are chanting. None of them have signs. They arrive and stand a safe and respectful distance away from any physical altercations and silently WATCH. No talking, no arguing, no chanting

Perhaps they record the event with their cellphones, or perhaps turn their backs entirely. If one of their own steps …

If it were a snake, it'd have bit you.

There's a phrase you hear sometimes, when you're looking for something and someone else finds it (or they observe you finding it), that goes, "It it were a snake, it'd have bit you."

This strikes me as an odd phrase. If it were a snake, it would not have bitten me, because I didn't once go near it.  More later, perhaps.