What's Happening Now

No, not the show. I never post on my own blog - mostly because I imagine no one ever reads it - so I'll post something .... now!

My kid is just over 19 months old. He's pretty cool. He knows the names of lots of things - like: cat, dog, fan (as in ceiling fan), ceiling, floor, wall, "no", up, down, "lay down", "night night", sofa, fish, and on and on and on. And he hasn't really hit his "language explosion" yet - he's known most of the words he knows now since he was about 10 months old.

We can get him to say please and thank you and he'll even say it without being prompted - though not necessarily correctly: He'll hand you something and when you take it he'll tell YOU "thank you". So he's missing a nuance to the whole affair at the moment.

My Transformers collection is coming along nicely. I'm currently awaiting the leader class (larger $40 toy) Brawl character from the movie to come out. He turns into a tank. He was spotted in California initially (as usual) at Target and was spotted most recently in Ohio, so Virginia has to be soon. Here's hoping!

I got the new "BioShock" game for PC and it's a pretty damned good game. I've been staying up way too late playing it the last few days. Also, I'm trying to learn German.

Anyway, that's all I have to say at present about myself.


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