Evil Corporations

Any time a corporation can get its hands on the machinery of state, we often end up with anti-competitive outcomes. At which point leftists point to this as an example of how evil corporations are and how we need the government to protect us from them. All the while failing to understand that it is the government and its monopoly on force that allows the corporations to do naughty things with our freedoms. ("Freedom of Speech, can you show me where the mean Senator touched you?")

There are plenty of captains of industry that have no more respect for rule of law and a properly functioning competitive capitalist economy than the bandana-wearing anarchist at your local Move-On rally. The key, since we the people ultimately make the hiring and firing decisions in the legislature, is for us to work to keep some people's grubby hands off of the controls of the "do it or I'll shoot you" machinery. The problem we encounter is that we can hardly agree whose hands are grubby and whose are pure.

I propose we limit the powers of the national government to a very limited list of roles we can all agree on, and leave all other powers to the states or the people themselves. (We used to call this "The Constitution") This includes limiting the power of the judiciary to invent new, controversial federal powers by "interpreting" the "living Constitution", and chucking those earmarking career politicians out of office. And yes, that means voting out the likes of Robert Byrd if you're a West Virginian even though he does "so much good" for your particular state. (Read: "he takes everyone elses money and funnels it to us"). Ask yourself: Why do politicians start their careers rich and end them spectacularly, obscenely wealthy? Politicians should not be allowed to make *any* income other than their salary. And that salary should be equal to the national average. Eliminate the lucrative career path.


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