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It Walks!

Our son, Alex, has begun to walk. He's still at the stage where he only takes two or three steps before losing his balance, but you have to start somewhere. He also is managing to stand unaided for however long he manages to not notice he's doing it. So far the longest duration seems to be about 15 seconds. He also likes to push around his cousin Jack's walker and is just pleased as punch with it until he hits the wall - he doesn't know how to steer yet.

Here's a quick rundown of his vocabulary:

Kat (whispered for some reason) = cat
Guh or Daaa = dog
dat = that (?)
ba ba ba = bye (he's learned to wave, sometimes at himself)
muh muh muh... = I'm upset (unfortunately, it doesn't yet mean "mom")
da = dad (maybe)


Hi, it's me again. I just rediscovered that I actually have a Blogger account, so I guess I'll blog some. My son is 11 months old as of yesterday and we're coming up on his first Christmas. We got him a FisherPrice piano and a bouncing Tigger thingamajig. The wife and I in a fairly typical failure of delayed gratification went ahead and exchanged gifts last night. The rationalizations were many, but the clincher was "If we exchange gifts now, we can put our full focus on our oblivious 11-month-old" - followed closely by "Hey, it's just an arbitrary date, after all"

That's all.

Evil Corporations

Any time a corporation can get its hands on the machinery of state, we often end up with anti-competitive outcomes. At which point leftists point to this as an example of how evil corporations are and how we need the government to protect us from them. All the while failing to understand that it is the government and its monopoly on force that allows the corporations to do naughty things with our freedoms. ("Freedom of Speech, can you show me where the mean Senator touched you?")
There are plenty of captains of industry that have no more respect for rule of law and a properly functioning competitive capitalist economy than the bandana-wearing anarchist at your local Move-On rally. The key, since we the people ultimately make the hiring and firing decisions in the legislature, is for us to work to keep some people's grubby hands off of the controls of the "do it or I'll shoot you" machinery. The problem we encounter is that we can hardly agree whose hand…

Notice to Social Conservatives

Here, in a nutshell, is how to eliminate homosexuality and abortion, if you were so inclined.

Homosexuality: It is suggested that one's being gay is influenced by genetics. Thus, the only way a "gay" gene could be passed along is if a carrier were forced into a heterosexual relationship and hence reproduced. Therefore, allowing gays to marry each other (and adopt) would seem to be a great way to gradually winnow down the gay population.

Abortion: People with deeply-held convictions who oppose abortion are going about it the wrong way. We get a lot of our social, religious and political views from our parents and therefore the best way to winnow down the number of people who support abortion is to let those who currently support it go right ahead and do it. Presto: In 100 years hardly anyone will support it - or for that matter, I suspect, be a Democrat.

Back to Normal

Last Monday we discovered our 5-week-old infant, Alex, had developed a cough and a fever. We were told by our pediatrician to go to the emergency room. They determined that he had RSV, or Respiratory Syncitial Virus, and admitted him. RSV is pretty common and we get it in the form of a minor cold even as adults, but in young infants close monitoring is the order of the day. After a week (!!!) in the hospital on oxygen, being monitored, they finally decided to let us go home (with oxygen). That was Wednesday the 1st. Today, at our checkup the pediatrician gave us the go-ahead to drop the oxygen. So now, after just over a week, everything is back to normal.

New Blog - Introduction

Well, I've arrived at the new home of my blog. I'll introduce myself. I'm a 32-year-old IT professional in Virginia, with a recent new son - my firtst. My interests include: computers, gaming, guitar, politics and gizmos. I consider myself an Independant (If one must choose from the Big Three) - the net result being that I'm a Republican in the current political climate. I would very much like for us to return to a system with two (or more!) serious political parties. That's all for now.