Net Neutrality

I say this to both sides:

1) The ISPs are total assholes. They buy political influence and use it to keep out competitors. You must pay them, even if you don't like their policies, or pay for even more expensive internet options, which is a real big inconvenience. I definitely agree that it's not ideal that these ISPs - these federal-, state-, and locally-empowered artificial monopolies - aren't exactly the ideal gatekeepers of the internet, so there's that. I have every expectation that someone will want to make money by peacefully side-stepping the bottleneck of the ISPs.

2) The US Federal Government are even bigger assholes. These guys are the source of the political power the traditional ISPs wield. You must pay them or you will be forcibly seized and put into a cage. They spend your money on mass murder abroad and intruding into our private affairs domestically.  I sure as hell wouldn't want the Feds to be in charge of the internet. The less, the better. They …


How to address the issue of Nazis and Communists having ever more heated exchanges with each other: Counter-protest.

Normally, I'm not much in favor of protesting or counter-protesting. I don't think it should be banned or anything, but I think most of the time it's counter-productive and for most participants simply an opportunity to signal to all their great and indomitable virtue.  Plus things can get out of control as we saw with the recent Nazi/Antifa brough-ha-ha.

What I propose is a sort of un-protest. Picture this: 500 Nazis and 100 Antifa are set to clash in some public area. As tensions rise and knuckles turn white, thousands of people appear in the area. None of them are chanting. None of them have signs. They arrive and stand a safe and respectful distance away from any physical altercations and silently WATCH. No talking, no arguing, no chanting

Perhaps they record the event with their cellphones, or perhaps turn their backs entirely. If one of their own steps …

If it were a snake, it'd have bit you.

There's a phrase you hear sometimes, when you're looking for something and someone else finds it (or they observe you finding it), that goes, "It it were a snake, it'd have bit you."

This strikes me as an odd phrase. If it were a snake, it would not have bitten me, because I didn't once go near it.  More later, perhaps.

Tax Refunds and Obamanomics

Laissez-faire economics is NOT a zero-sum game, but socialists either think it is or pretend it is - so they're either being stupid or mendacious.

I like the parable of the group of men who go to lunch every day. I'll try to get the math right:

10 men go out to eat lunch at their favorite restaurant every day. The bill always comes to $100. They decided early on to divide the bill based on how much each of them earns: The investment banker earns the most money and pays $70 of the total bill. The lawyer and the doctor contribute $8 apiece. Then the architect and the small business owner pay $5 each. The next four men pay $1 each and the unemployed man pays nothing for his meal. Note that no one but the rich man pays more than his share of the bill - $10.

One day, the owner of the restaurant decides to reward his loyal customers with a discount. He offers to take $10 off of their bill: He pays out the refund as a percentage of each man's contribution. The rich man gets $7, the …


No one knows what the effects of various emissions are. Scientists build computer models and run simulations based on various assumptions. Some of those computer models predict things like a 15 foot rise in oceans over the next 10 years and those scientists get truckloads of money delivered to them to continue their research. Some models show a negligable effect or even a positive effect in the form of preventing the next glaciation cycle (ice age, if you will - although we're still in one) and those scientists get tarred and feathered by their numerous detractors as tools of "big oil".

The money, by the way, comes primarily from various groups who use "climate change" or "global warming" or "environmentalism" as an excuse to promote their anti-globalization, anti-technology, anti-human socialist agenda. THEY get the money from well-meaning but ultimately foolish people who believe as gospel the pronouncements of the research that suits their…

What's Happening Now

No, not the show. I never post on my own blog - mostly because I imagine no one ever reads it - so I'll post something .... now!

My kid is just over 19 months old. He's pretty cool. He knows the names of lots of things - like: cat, dog, fan (as in ceiling fan), ceiling, floor, wall, "no", up, down, "lay down", "night night", sofa, fish, and on and on and on. And he hasn't really hit his "language explosion" yet - he's known most of the words he knows now since he was about 10 months old.

We can get him to say please and thank you and he'll even say it without being prompted - though not necessarily correctly: He'll hand you something and when you take it he'll tell YOU "thank you". So he's missing a nuance to the whole affair at the moment.

My Transformers collection is coming along nicely. I'm currently awaiting the leader class (larger $40 toy) Brawl character from the movie to come out. He tur…

It Walks!

Our son, Alex, has begun to walk. He's still at the stage where he only takes two or three steps before losing his balance, but you have to start somewhere. He also is managing to stand unaided for however long he manages to not notice he's doing it. So far the longest duration seems to be about 15 seconds. He also likes to push around his cousin Jack's walker and is just pleased as punch with it until he hits the wall - he doesn't know how to steer yet.

Here's a quick rundown of his vocabulary:

Kat (whispered for some reason) = cat
Guh or Daaa = dog
dat = that (?)
ba ba ba = bye (he's learned to wave, sometimes at himself)
muh muh muh... = I'm upset (unfortunately, it doesn't yet mean "mom")
da = dad (maybe)